Manual Therapy

All of our massages begin with a consultation to ensure the proper massage is chosen for your personal needs. Our massages may include Aromatherapy – essential oils mixed into the massage balm – to relieve emotional and physical stress. Post treatment instructions finish off your experience.

  • Tuina
    This form of massage is performed through clothing and does not require the use of oils or balms. A deep tissue massage, this therapy works on acupressure points and meridians. This form can be used to treat specific ailments such as slipped disc, annular tear, sciatica, frozen shoulder or can be used to maintain a healthy mind and body. This form of massage is appropriate for people that would like their body to remain covered. Read More
  • Sports Massage
    An invigorating massage utilizing compression and cross-fiber techniques, focusing on specific muscle groups. Helps to relieve aches and pains incurred during sporting activities. Perfect after a day of golf or tennis. Massage is a great way to keep your body feeling supple and light during training. It can prevent injuries by improving your proprioreceptive senses and have you better tuned into your body’s current condition. Together with acupuncture it is a great way to speed up your recovery time and relax muscles that have tightened up.
  • Pregnancy Massage and Acupuncture Therapy
    Massage is an effective way to reduce the swelling in your legs during pregnancy. Acupuncture may help you with morning sickness, may turn baby from a breech presentation and it may also help you prepare for labour, by reducing labour time and help you should you be in a situation where you have been advised induction.
  • Reflexology Massage
    An ancient Oriental technique which concentrates on the feet and hands. Pressure is applied to specific zones to induce relaxation, ease pain and increase circulation throughout the body.

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