Fees & Insurance


All of our initial consultations take an hour and a half and include taking a full medical history, in-depth pulse diagnosis, blood test analysis and an acupuncture and/or manual therapy treatment. Acupuncture involves the insertion of single-use filiform disposable needles into acupuncture points.

  • Initial consultation – 1 ½ hour  – $160 + GST
  • Standard Acupuncture treatment – 45 mins – $100 + GST
  • Acupuncture and manual therapy treatment – 1 hour – $120 + GST

Facial Acupuncture

Using state of the art needles, this is a natural form of therapy that is a great alternative to surgical procedures and other invasive and intensive forms of treatment. A course of 12 sessions is proposed to lead to long-lasting effects with monthly follow-ups.

  • Initial consultation – 1 ½ hour  – $160 + GST
  • Acupuncture treatment – 45 mins – $100 + GST

Manual Therapy

We offer a variety of body therapies including Tuina (Chinese medical massage), Neuromuscular therapy, Remedial massage, Sports massage, Reflexology, Pregnancy massage and Myofascial techniques. Typically a massage lasts an hour, but depending on your condition times may vary.  You can discuss the appropriate times with your practitioner, along with your preferences. Treatments often involve a combination of the above-listed therapies.

  • Manual therapy – 1 ½ hour – $160 + GST
  • Manual therapy – 1 ¼ hour – $140 + GST
  • Manual therapy – 1 hour – $120 + GST
  • Manual therapy – ¾ hour – $100 + GST
  • Manual therapy – ½ hour – $75 + GST

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

If you currently have an injury that is covered by ACC you are entitled to Acupuncture therapy. All you require is your ACC claim number. ACC will then pay towards your treatment. ACC funds Acupuncture as well as Moxibustion, Cupping and Tuina (Chinese medical massage). For more information click here.

  • Initial Consultation ACC Treatment Surcharge – 1 ½ hour – $100 + GST
  • Standard ACC Treatment Surcharge – 45 mins – $50 + GST
  • ACC Treatment Surcharge – 1 hour – $75 + GST

Chinese Herbal Medicine

A herbal medicine consultation involves the taking of an in-depth medical history, detailing your current condition, pulse and tongue diagnosis. Herbal formulae are prescribed in granules that are dissolved in hot water and drank. A course may last a few months, or have a quick response for acute conditions. Formulae may be modified through-out to adapt to changes that occur during the treatment.

  • Initial Consultation – 1 hour – $120 + GST
  • Follow-up appointment – ½ hour – $75 + GST
  • A supply of herbal granules vary from $45-$60/week.

Southern Cross Insurance Members and Acupuncture

If you currently hold the Wellbeing Two policy with the additional Body Care Module you can claim for Acupuncture. For more information click here.

Education Benevolent Society (EBS) Members

50% of the net cost of specified expenses for Acupuncture will be covered.

EBS is a not for profit organisation dedicated to employees in the New Zealand Education Sector.
EBS is 100% owned by these Education Unions and only members of, or people employed by these organisations can access EBS benefits.

The Education Unions are as follows:
NZEI – NZ Educational Institute
PPTA – Post Primary Teachers Association
TEU – The Tertiary Education Union (was ASTE & AUS)
TIASA – Tertiary Institutes Allied Staff Association
ISEA – The Independent Schools Education Association Inc (formerly ISTANZ)
PSA – NZ Public Service Association University and Education Services Groups.

For more information on EBS click here.

The following organisations also cover all or some of the cost of Acupuncture treatment for their employees: NZ Police, NZ Post, Air New Zealand, Kiwi Rail, and Veteran’s Affairs.

Our cancellation policy requires a full 48 hour notice for cancelling or rescheduling appointments.

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